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           Some general tips & information on tournaments & rules, regulations & its etiquettes are given below, which you can use as a participant in your matches!
General Rules, Regulations & Etiquette
1. Be prepared to take your turn on the lane.

2. Remember the player to your right has the right of way.

3. If a player to your left picks the ball from the rack before you, allow him to bowl first.

4. Stay in your own approach area after your ball hits the pins walk directly to the back of the approach.

5. Notify your team captain, or league secretary if you cannot make it. if there is no notification, your game will be forfeited for that day.

6. Don't talk or annoy a bowler after he has taken his position.

7. Please roll the ball. don't throw it.

8. Please do not smoke on approaches.

9. Stay behind the foul line at all times in case your foot crosses the foul line. you will lose your turn.

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