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                               WHAT IS TEN-PIN BOWLING?
     Bowling as a sport :

Bowling is the second highest participation sport in the world, and quite popular as a sport and entertainment. With more and more Bowling Alley's opening in different parts of the country, this has given a fillip to the leisure business in general and FRCs in particular.
Bowling is already a medal sport in the Asian and Commonwealth games and is expected to gain recognition as a medal sport in the Olympics in the near future.

Bowling has always been a popular activity and is well on the way to becoming an Olympic Sport. At the summer games in Seoul and Barcelona, international competitions of the world's best players took place and last summer in Atlanta, athletes from all over the globe sought relaxation and enjoyment in the Olympic Village's bowling centre.

Bowling is played in 88 countries located in all five Olympic Zones. With more than 100 million participants, 10 million competitors and 250 thousand bowling lanes it is one of the largest and best organized sports in the world.

The game of Nine-pins is concentrated on the European Continent. Ten-pin Bowling is played worldwide, Both disciplines conduct many world and regional championships for men, women and youth.

Ten-pin Bowling is included in the following international and regional championships: Pan American Games; Asian Games; World Games; Commonwealth Games,. Central and South American Games; Caribbean Games, Bolivian Games, South East and Far East Asian Games; Maccabiah Games; Masters Games, Solidarity Games, and Ciss Games.

Bowling has a rich sporting history dating back to ancient Egypt in 5200 B.C. It was an Exhibition Sport in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. In 1992 and 1996, a modern bowling facility was installed in the Athletes' Village at Barcelona and Atlanta where champion bowlers conducted exhibitions, competed, and offered instructional sessions for the benefit of Olympic athletes.
Bowling supports and observes Olympic ideals.

Its universal popularity as a sport can be attributed to the following:

        * Popularity
                - 100,000,000 participants
                - 10,000,000 competitors

        * Untapped marketing resources (in the U.S.)
                - 13,000 bowling centres
                - 250,000 bowling lanes
                - 250,000,000 annual exposures
                - $6,000,000,000 annual industry
                - Proven television track record

        * Spectator friendly
                - Arena venues
                - 24 hour installation
                - Avid fan loyalty
                - Adaptable to any schedule

        * Gender equal
                - 46% Women competitors
                - Some outscore men on identical conditions

        * Athleticism
                - Mental and physical precision
                - Exceptional hand/eye coordination
                - Unwavering muscle memory
                - Stamina

        * Skill
                - Release/angle/speed adjustments

        * Invisible challenge
                - Ever changing surface conditions cannot be seen

        * Lifetime

        * Family oriented

        * Drug free

        * No age, height, speed or strength limitations
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