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The Bowling and Billiards Association of India has been established with the object of promoting indoor sports such as Ten Pin Bowling, Billiards/Pool and other Family Recreation activities in our country.

BBAI'S aim is to promote high standards, impart knowledge, arrange tournaments and work closely with the Government in formulating rules and regulations pertaining to Recreational Sports.

As an added attraction, we have tied up with several Bowling Centers, Restaurants and Retail Outlets for giving discounts to members. Membership fees are very reasonable.
Please send the membership application form duly filled in and signed along with the requisite fees at your earliest.

BBAI'S Objectives:

-- To promote sports such as Ten Pin Bowling, Billiards/Pool and other Indoor Sports and recreational activity in India.

-- To afford to all members all such privileges, advantages and conveniences as are generally available to form an association.

-- To impart knowledge concerning sports and recreation to members by organizing coaching camps at regular intervals.

-- To encourage and assist in meets between cities, universities, regions, states and Indian and foreign visiting teams. To assist in forming leagues.

-- To arrange get-togethers for members.

-- To hold State and National Tournaments.

-- To regulate tournaments in Bowling Billiards/ Pool and other sports.

-- To work closely with the Government in formulating rules and regulations concerning sport and Recreation.

-- To represent/protect and safeguard the interests of the owners of Family Recreation Centers, the manufactures and suppliers of various infrastructural amenities and facilities concerning or relating to Family Recreation Centers, in all matters of levy of taxation, duties, imposing restrictions, rules and regulations that may be formed and/or imposed by a State and/or Central legislation and/or Local Authority.

-- To advise from time to time on efficient and economical functioning of a Family Entertainment Center as also on renovations relating to Family Recreation Centers.

-- To assist in maintaining high standards of service in a Family Recreation Center.

-- To evolve a code of conduct to be observed and followed by the Family Recreation Center owners, by and between Family Recreation Center Owners and the manufacturers and suppliers of various infrastructural amenities and facilities
      The current President of BBAI is Mr. Ajaykant Ruia (M. D. - Inco Mechel)
      Become a BBAI Member
      Attractive Scheme for Youth

The Bowling Billiards Association of India promote recreational and indoor sports in India and also to support and promote the interest and development of Family Recreation Centers across the nation. The objective of the association is to popularise the sport and catalyze the organization of the Recreation and Indoor sport industry.

Various leisure and recreation centers providing ten pin bowling, billiards, pool and other indoor recreational sports facilities would get an opportunity to join hands to address issues through the association. BBAI will also impart knowledge concerning leisure sports and recreation.

The association will also hold zonal, state and national bowling, billiards / pool and other sports tournament and will regulate other such private tournaments. BBAI also proposes to work closely with the government in formulating the rules and regulations and represent the interests of the industry in all matters pertaining to the industry.
      BBAI Membership:

      Institutional Patrons (Rs.20,000);

      Life membership (Rs.7,500);

      Business Houses (Rs.1000 as admission and (Rs.1500 - Annual Fee).

      Individual Membership:

            Entrance fee Rs.300

            Annual fee of Rs.500,

      Student Membership:

Entrance fee Rs.200

            Annual fee Rs.200.

      Entertainment tax in Maharashtra:

Entertainment tax in Maharashtra is 50% on Admission ticket at all live events (applied also to complementary tickets) while in other state it is 10 to 20%. Also 50% of sponsorship money is taxed in any event organized in Maharashtra. There is no entertainment tax on live shows in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

This would entitle the members to attractive offers, discounts, advantages and special privileges at various Family Recreation Centers, Bowling outlets, Pool parlours, Arcade games and premium retail outlets of leading brands.

      Entertainment tax

      New Delhi - 25 Per cent
      Punjab - 70 Per cent
      Mumbai - Nil for first five years thereafter 10 Per cent
      Gujarat - 60 Percent
      Uttar Pradesh - Nil
      Haryana - Nil for first years thereafter 125 Per cent
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